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What Is Love

What is love, I asked myself, never felt and never known,

just a meaningless word thought my growing mind and immature heart of stone.

So many have cried and died for this thing called love,

others smile with happiness thanking the one up above.

Love makes you cry and laugh; I’ll never understand,

these thoughts shared with a sweetheart while walking hand-in-hand.

Love confused us both but this was not to my surprise,

our feelings often crossed, I thought, as I gazed into her eyes.

Oh, how I treasured our times together for we were truly one,

wishing the days could be longer as I watched the setting sun.

Experienced a strange feeling while in her presence could this be it,

the question went unanswered for she entered the room and my mind quit.

A kiss, a hug, or just a smile would really make my day,

a life full of pleasure and happiness; never thought she’d go away.

Said she needed time and space so we would have to part,

a pain I can never explain followed the echoes of my heart.

Hoping she’d change her mind; I spent my days sitting by the phone,

months passed before I realized that she was really gone.

Searched feeling for others in my heart but each time I found none,

wishing the nights could be longer as I watched the rising sun.

What is love asked a child; my answer came from down below,

it’s something I can’t explain, but it’s something I now know.

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