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I Am Not My Government

My government has a verifiable history of invading countries, killing its citizens, and stealing the valuables of the land.

My government fabricates mysteries, selects its country’s leaders, and stand accused of assassinations of its fellow man.

Went into Korea to divide and conquer its people and erect military structures in the south.

Planning to march north, like was done in Vietnam, to kill everyone in every house.

My government invaded Iraq on false pretenses, killed their President, and stifled growth.

Stole their resources, crippled defenses, disrespected their Gods—Anu, Thoth.

My government is responsible for the deaths of millions of its own.

Including Lincoln, Kennedy, Malcolm, and King—all gone.

My government took all its actions using my taxes and in my name.

But I am decent and civilized; my government and I are not the same.

My fellow citizens and I are in need of a government that represents us; one that’s new.

For I am not my government; my guess is neither are you.

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