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Cats Don't Bark

Memoir of a Black Federal Employee

This book shares personal and professional accounts of an African-American Federal employee. The contents of this work reveal episodes of unethical, retaliatory, and discriminatory actions taken against Federal employees by leaders and coworkers as well as unethical support given to those leaders and coworkers by Lawyers, Judges, and other oath-taking Federal employees.

Organizational Transparency, Employee Perceptions, and Employee Morale

A Correlational Study

This book addressed the problem that leaders' misuse of hiring and promoting practices negatively influences employee perceptions of fairness and morale. The study, conducted with civilian employees at an Army organization in Florida, examined the relationships between transparency, employee perceptions of fairness, and employee morale. The results of the research study revealed a strong correlation between hiring and promoting practices and employee perceptions of fairness/employee morale. The findings indicated that increased transparency in hiring and promoting processes can enhance employee perceptions of fairness and morale.

Harroll Ingram's FedSmith Article

Harroll Ingram's Ezine Articles

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