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Innate Means Passed Down by Ancestors

Innate is defined as existing in, belonging to, or determined by factors present in an individual from birth. For example, people are born with an innate immune response to pathogens to prevent the spread of disease throughout the body. Although it is common knowledge that infants are born with antibodies that are transferred through their mother’s placenta, many people are not aware that the mother’s memories are also passed on to the child—a concept known as inherited (genetic) memory.

An example of inherited memory is exhibited when a baby automatically suckles during his first breast feeding event—he doesn’t need to be taught. Apparently, new-born babies have a suckle-memory shared by the mother or some other ancestor. Other memories are also inherited. Assume a young woman is an ascendant of a victim of the infamous Tuskegee Experiment where the U.S. Government lied to numerous men concerning the effectivity of a syphilis vaccine. Today, that young woman might be in the population of the “unvaccinated” relative to the ongoing CIVID-19 “pandemic”. She may or may not understand (i.e., might be unconscious as to) why she refused to take the vaccine the U.S. Government emphatically claimed was effective against COVID-19.

Mr. Carl Jung, a Swiss psychotherapist and psychiatrist, is well known for his theory of the “collective unconscious”. The collective unconscious is often described as a genetic memory shared by individuals with a common ancestor or a common history. Mr. Jung surmised that the collective unconscious consisted of implicit beliefs and thoughts that were held by ancestors. For example, if our ancestors believed meandering in large crowds was dangerous, that belief could exist in us as part of our collective unconscious and could influence how we behave when we are in large crowds. Mr. Jung believed there were memories that were passed along from generation to generation resulting in everyone sharing certain beliefs.

A 5th century BCE Greek Philosopher named Plato held a different belief concerning the transfer of memories between people. Plato believed innate knowledge was attained through the transmigration of the soul, a concept that is believed to have originated in ancient Egypt before being shared with Greek scholars. Plato believed the soul was immortal and, therefore, passed on the knowledge it gained from past lives. Transmigration of the soul might explain how “technological advances” are “discovered” today and, in the future, lead to an understanding of how the pyramids in Egypt were built.

Many people ignore signs meant to beneficially guide their actions. We ignore the words of perceived strangers, second-guess our thoughts, and rationalize interruptions meant to change our course. Messages that are innate or could have been conveyed by our ancestors often go unnoticed resulting in us making decisions based on limited knowledge. Imagine how much more advanced we would be if we accepted the concepts of innate/inherited memory or transmigration of souls. There would be no need for every child to start school on the first-grade level. The children would be born full of knowledge and ready to build on the accomplishments of their ancestors. They would understand that faint voice in their head is an ancestral communication. Perhaps even we adults can learn to accept that our ancestors, or other versions of us, are communicating with us today.

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Gloria Ingram
Gloria Ingram
Mar 09, 2022

Couldn't it also be possible that we are ONE, and there is no division?

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