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Indigenous Americans are of African Decent

Indigenous means originating or occurring naturally in a particular place. Many people today claim they are Indigenous to some land. In many cases, the claim is made by people who are in a minority status and who want to raise their standing in a caste system. Dark complexioned people, better known as black or African American, in America often profess their natural connection to the land in an effort to debunk the accepted theory that they are of African descent. Many blacks in America make the claim to convince others the transatlantic slave trading was not as extensive as reported and accepted by the masses. It is now believed there were countless black people in America when the first European scouts arrived.

The scouts, such as Christopher Columbus, who set foot in America described the people they saw when they arrived. Those scouts noted the dark skin of the people they found. That evidence alone supports the theory that black people were in America before the Europeans arrived. However, it does not prove those black people were indigenous to America. They could have arrived the same way the Europeans did, only earlier. Those black people could have originated in Africa and sailed to America. In fact, scholars, such as Dr. Ivan Van Sertima and Dr. Andrzej Wiercinski, have collected evidence that supports the theory black people navigated the seas and arrived in America from Africa.

Dr. Van Sertima, in his book They Came Before Columbus, revealed archeological findings proving Africans migrated to America. The findings included artifacts such as stone-heads, pottery, and tools that could only have been developed in Africa. Logically, those items were brought to America by Africans.

The black people who claim to be indigenous to America and not be a descendant of Africans cannot support their claim with artifacts or mummified bodies that date beyond 13,000 years ago. The oldest human artifact found in America (labelled the Arlington Springs Man) was 13,000 years old. Since artifacts and human remains found in Africa (including a baby buried in Kenya) date back 78,000 years, it stands to reason that blacks were in Africa long before they were in America. Evidence supports that Africans were master navigators on the seas and visited numerous lands. Therefore, it’s also reasonable to conclude they sailed to America from Africa. Some of those Africans who reached America remained and procreated. For that reason, the blacks in America are descendants of Africans. That is, unless you choose to believe man arrived in America by dropping from the sky or some other dimension 13,000 years ago. But that would not be reasonable.

When you hear black people in America say they are indigenous Americans and have no African descendants, ask them where did their descendants live 14,000 years ago. Remind them that no humans lived in America 14,000 years ago, but did live in Africa. And those humans were black.

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