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Covid-19 Test Results: Were You Really Positive?

Covid-19 testing is conducted to determine whether or not a specimen includes the coronavirus that started the 2020 pandemic. During testing, the DNA of each specimen is amplified and examined under a microscope. The amplification is necessary to be able to see evidence of the virus. If the specimen is not amplified enough, any negative result becomes suspect because the virus might have actually been present but was not seen due to the lack of sufficient amplification. If the specimen is amplified too much, any positive result becomes suspect because the virus might not have really been abundant enough to harm the person or be spread to others. Even a dead virus can produce a positive result if the amplification is too high. In an attempt to avert complications related to improper amplifications, medical professionals, including those at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), agreed specimens should be amplified about 33 times to produce the most reliable results. The agreed amplification number is actually a threshold value that is expressed in medical terms as a Cycle Threshold.

Covid-19 testing is conducted by numerous labs around the world. The medical professionals at many of those labs reported that the CDC did not require them to adhere to the amplification level of 33 and did not require the labs to report, along with their test results, the number of amplifications used for testing. Therefore, no one is sure how many positive test results were accurate. The World Health Organization (WHO) advised testers to retest specimens if positive test results were the outcome where high amplification values were used and the person was asymptomatic. The WHO has received numerous reports of misdiagnoses concerning false positive and false negative Covid-19 test results.

A New York state lab reported they used 40 as their amplification value for several Covid-19 tests and the outcome was 872 positive results. Those testers informed that if they had used a lower amplification value such as 35, nearly half of those positive results would have been negative. A facility in Massachusetts shared a similar story.

The continuously rising positive Covid-19 numbers have been used to justify major changes in the world that have resulted in lost employment, lost freedoms, and lost lives. The economies of countries have been hit hard by the reactions to the large number of positive test results that were unknowingly unreliable due to the use of high amplification numbers. The likely inaccurate positive-result numbers have led to unnecessary vaccine mandates and the breakup of families and long-running friendships due to some people refusing to get vaccinated. Those people have been stigmatized with the label of “the unvaccinated”. The US President often referred to the pandemic as “the pandemic of the unvaccinated.” World leaders repeatedly mistreat their citizens based on unreliable positive results leaving many of those citizens questioning their value to society. Many are asking themselves how they caught the virus and what they could have done differently to avoid the positive result. Perhaps the better question is were you really positive?

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